Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine refers to the emerging field of medicine based, in part, on the use of stem cells to replace or repair cells and tissues damaged due to aging, disease or injury. An important technology that is key in the field of regenerative medicine is human embryonic stem cells (hESC). Embryonic Stem Cells are pluripotent cells which allow the derivation and manufacture of all of the cell types found in the human body on an industrial scale.

The significance of regenerative medicine for our society is highlighted by the rising incidence of degenerative diseases as a consequence of an aging population, disease or injury. Medicine has found few effective therapeutic strategies for degenerative diseases. Empowered by the discovery of pluripotent hESCs, regenerative medicine has the potential to produce any human cell type to be used in the treatment of a host of degenerative diseases.

Cell Cure Neurosciences is applying this powerful technology to create therapeutic cell types to treat diseases of the eye and nervous system.